The Education System Has Been Failing Students As Time Progresses

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The education system has been failing students as time progresses. Because of cutbacks that affects the quality of education and lack of necessary equipment in high schools, teachers fail to make students engaged and feel passionate about education. Every morning, it is the same routine, forty minutes here or an hour there just to sit in a classroom and learn nothing because students do not find the lectures interesting.

In The past year, the school reformed commission decided to close 23 public schools to reduce the citywide debt and in May the final decision was reached And they decided to lay off school faculties, teachers, principals also cutting back on extracurricular activities and school supplies music and art programs And much more. A lot of faculty members have been unemployed and most of the classes were overcrowded due to lack of funding.

One thing that triggers this crisis was the loss of federal funds that were used as an aid, not just Philadelphia but for other districts in the states. Gov. Corbett additionally cut back on other education costs essential to Philadelphia, including Charter Reimbursement that costs the district more than a Hundred million.

Since the Budget cuts District school lost a lot after this incident since after the budget cuts most of the faculties got fired, leaving most of the staff got left behind triple their usual work for the same amount. Other than that, many clubs were forced to shut down and the clubs that did stay the
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