The Education System Is A Revolving Door That Constantly Changes As Time

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The education system is a revolving door that constantly changes as time progresses. Unfortunately, a major observation is the lack of effectiveness the traditional learning approach has on students. I’ve taken ten expert opinions from various academic articles to showcase different approaches to improve the education system. Some of these approaches include teacher evaluation, ample courses, and student access to higher technology. The education system will not improve until the student’s needs are a priority instead of regulation fulfillment. With these provided suggestions, the educational system has ample room for growth and further development.
A study conducted by the Abell Foundation which looked over fifty years of
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The antidote to this problem brings me to my next approach which is a teacher development program. From 2004 to 2007 an observation among teachers’ nation wide was conducted to analyze instructional practices; in other words, known as a teacher development program. One-third of the programs had well developed evaluations and produced positive effects on student achievement and instructional practice. Though inadequate teachers shouldn’t be educating at all, this program measures change in teaching practices simultaneously benefiting the students and fulfilling the need for a teacher in the classroom.
Another alternative to faulty teaching is collaborative teaching. In 2015, over 9,000 teachers in 336 schools were analyzed based on their instruction as a team. The higher the grade level the more rigorous the material becomes making it harder for teachers to collaborate effectively. It was found that teachers and schools that collaborate make better strides in math and science particularly in elementary schools. According to the saying “the more the merrier”, a group of collaborative teachers is more beneficial than one single teacher. . This program should be implemented in elementary school giving students the maximum academic benefit from a young age.
Implementing the STEM curriculum at a young age is another option also beneficial to school students. STEM is an integrated curriculum that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and
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