The Education System Must Be Redesigned

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During the first three decades of the twentieth century, the progressive era had catapulted curriculum theory into a field of scientific inquiry. Its structure had been differentiated and the curriculum content had been expanded. All changes were created to meet the demands of a newly industrialized and urbanized civilization, and as a result “scientific management” became the guide for the development and implementation of the new curriculum. Franklin Bobbitt, one of the 19th century front-runners of scientific curriculum, stated that if the scientific procedures utilized in factories could increase productivity and efficiency, the same procedures could be used to improve curriculum (Flinders & Thornton, p. 8). Bobbitt believed that…show more content…
Dewey as a humanist, declared that education should be culturally relevant, student-centered, and prepare children to become active citizens for a changing society. Humanists believe that all children have the ability to develop different levels of mental reasoning. Education should help them expand the development of their reasoning power to become independent thinkers and productive beings who could lead to the improvement of society as a whole. Despite all of these differences, Bobbitt and Dewey both agreed that some subjects were unnecessary and subject matter must have educational value and relevance to the student’s life. The biggest difference between the theories was that Dewey placed the focus of the curriculum on the child, while Bobbitt did not. John Dewey’s curriculum method allows children to develop a passion for learning and brings out their natural inquisitiveness. He believed the child needed to be involved in constructing their own learning, which meant they had the freedom to make inquiries and mistakes in the process of learning. Children’s active participation for acquiring knowledge was his philosophy and to be a critical being was his ultimate goal. Dewey’s student-centered methods can still be seen in many of today’s schools across the nation. Unfortunately, because of education reforms, more schools have chosen to abandon student-centered strategies, instead teaching students testing

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