The Education System Must Provide Students with Options

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The American education system has existed for a long time. Over that span of time, it has been criticized, manipulated, and modified constantly. It is frequently a central topic of political elections because there are so many opinions on the matter. Everybody seems to think that their way of running the system is the best. But whose system really is best? The answer is dependent on the student, which is why the student should be able to choose which high school to attend. A major problem with today’s education system is that students are so limited in their high school options. Approximately 9.5 times more students in the United States attend public schools than do private schools. [2] The reason for this fact is not because students…show more content…
There are nearly five fewer students per teacher at private schools than at public schools. [2] Another flaw of private schools is that there are very few private high schools compared with the number of public high schools that may be in the local area of any given student. A simple solution to this flaw would be for churches and other religious institutions to open up accredited schools within their building and pre-existing program. The curriculum does not need to include any sort of religious practice so students of all types are welcome. It is only necessary for one or two institutions to do this, so it is possible that separate institutions may collaborate to make the mission a bigger success. Another possible solution consists of organizations using one-time state grants to open up a new school in their local area. Another student, Michelle, has a similar yet opposite problem. Coming from a small elementary school, Michelle was accustomed to a different kind of school. This school was more focused on students learning material and less grade-based than other schools. In high school, she learned that not all high schools offer this type of learning experience. She was lucky enough to apply for and enroll in a special program at Faircrest High School called The Community Project (TCP). This program works out great for a while but soon changes for the worse when she becomes involved in
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