The Education System Needs A Big Reform

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Our education system needs a big reform if we want it to continue to be beneficial for our future generations. America needs a sustainable, reliable, and adequate educational funding systems. Education has come a long way since schools were first formed. Now we have things that can prepare our young kids for school before they get to it. There are art programs in schools to get kids thinking outside the box. We have colleges to help get to a bar of higher education. But all of this could be better if we made a few changes. There needs to be more focus on the education system and what can be done to help it. There are many ways to gain funds for education because most funding comes from a local level. The biggest solutions being more help from the Federal government. However, things like vouchers, donations and nonprofit organizations can help to fix the funding issue. Generally states spend about twenty percent of funds on education. Which makes it the second largest expenditure next to Medicaid. The state along with other localities pay about ninety percent of K-12 education. However if we look at the federal government we can see that spending on Education is not as important. The federal government spent a total of $3.7 trillion in fiscal year 2015. That means the approximate $154 billion in education spending accounts for approximately four point two percent of the entire federal budget. There is a clear difference of how money is spent differently. In the United…
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