The Education System Of Education

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Since the days of preschool, “We the People” have all passed through the education system. Now that I have moved to a higher institution of learning I reflect on the lessons taught by our school system. It seemed to me that the lessons were not to challenging. In middle school, the teachers showed great care for the students. By the time I was in high school, it seemed that the biggest goal of the teachers had shifted from giving a proper education, to rushing students through the next few years to push them out of high school as fast as possible. The questions that arise are: “What happened to create the shift of effort”? “Where did the change come from”? “How do we improve the education system that we put the future minds of this great country through”? “Is it something that we can easily change, or do we need to take a much more in depth look at education in our nation all together?”
In 2002 our American education system was one that was failing. High school test scores showed that year by year our student’s success was falling further and further behind. Since 2002, under the watch of former president George W. Bush, “No Child Left Behind” was put into legislation. The act in itself was one to keep a closer eye on how students are doing. The former president was well aware of the issue. Bush knew of the statistics on American education that had been a trend in the recent years. The trend refers to The United States sinking lower, and lower on the list of educated
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