The Education System Of Education Essay

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Education is one of the most important values in the progress of our society. It provides knowledge and enriches everything that characterizes us as human beings. Countries around the world like China and United States differs in the way of their educations system works. Although they beak some superficial similarities, the high school education of students of these countries have pronounced differences because of their economic situation, cultural values and family expectation. The economy plays an essential role in education, without economic resources it would not be possible to carry out a satisfactory education. The economic level of each country is reflected in the education system because depending on the level of development of the country will be the amount of resources allocated to education. Since China is the most populated country in the world, they could not facilitate high school education to all the citizens because of their scarce resources. China provides nine years of mandatory education. The last three years (7th -9th grade) compose junior high school. After those years, most students have to start working because admission to higher education schools are very selective and difficult. Just 44% of students can be accepted into senior high schools (10th -12th grade) (Luo and Wendel 280). In United States, they offer 12 accessible years including high school from 9th to 12th grade for all residents in the country. Even though these 12 years are
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