The Education System Of South Africa

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1. Introduction

In a rainbow nation filled with diversity, the education system is the one system that faces the most problems implementing a change. Education is one of the most important elements in structuring the new generation, and with the new South Africa comes new curriculums. The lingering question though is: Have we improved the education system of South Africa? Is the new curriculum in the best interest of the country and its future or in the best interest of those people in power in our country? What challenges do educators face bringing on this transformation curriculum as a tool to form the minds of young people?
In this paper we will be looking at the education system of the past vs. the future critically. We will also be analyzing these two aspects of education by means of the Critical Theory.
2. Critical theory

Critical Theory as a method of inquiry is widely used when questioning power structures. The concern with changing a system, may it be economic, social or political. Higgs and Smith (2015:67). According to Higgs and Smith (2015:67), critical theory originates in the 1930’s through German philosophy. The first people to get involved were mostly concerned with the problems of Nazism. Critical theory, from the start, was not just concerned with trying to resist the Nazis, critical theory believes that all power structures are dangerous and destructive. Critical theory believes that power structures not only drive our economic and social life but
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