The Education System Of The Middle East And North African System

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Today the perception of world is totally changed now the main difference between developed and underdeveloped countries is education because it plays an important role in country`s development. The main reason of this perception is that education is the only source that create ability in any country’s people to think and then to develop in the direction that they want. Egypt is the important country as far as Islamic countries are concerned, In Egypt, we find that they faced educational problems like many other countries but their education system is gradually improved.
Progress of educational system:
The education system of the country is the largest one as compare to Middle East and North African system of education and the government
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Problems: There are many issues that Egyptian education system is faced therefore if they improved it they do many reforms in different forms. Like, graduate faced unemployment due to educational skills they do not qualify for high jobs. Students leave education at primary level so that they remain illiterate. Many students faced difficulties at secondary school level because reading and writing ways are not appropriate at this level (Group, 2008).
I. Curriculums
II. Different systems
III. Unqualified teachers
1. Curriculums:
This is one of key causes of Egyptian educational system, the curriculum is depending upon memorizing, and students get study just for clear the exams. According to Bill Beattie, main purpose of education is to learn something that improve our thinking not just to learn how we think about things, so that we are able to think about ourselves and improved our society (Singh, 2006). whole educational system of Egypt depend upon memorization of curriculum because if students memorize their curriculum in well-mannered they get good grades but the issue is that in this why they usually not understand the topic or things that taught, therefore when someone wants their opinions or ask something other than curriculum they are blank. in fact we can say a good way to get education is that student not only learn but also know how to create and think of it as Dr.
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