The Education System Of The Middle East And North African System

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Today the perception of world is totally changed now the main difference between developed and underdeveloped countries is education because it plays an important role in country`s development. The main reason of this perception is that education is the only source that create ability in any country’s people to think and then to develop in the direction that they want. Egypt is the important country as far as Islamic countries are concerned, In Egypt, we find that they faced educational problems like many other countries but their education system is gradually improved.
Progress of educational system:
The education system of the country is the largest one as compare to Middle East and North African system of education and the government take special attention for its betterment and growth. Since early 1990s a sequential growth can be seen in this system, in recent year we see government improved it educational system on priority basis. They increase the number of children that comes to schools. Government also tried to provide free education all levels. The current overall therefore they raised their expenditure on education and take investment in educational field. So that they now make highly centralized system that consist of autonomous body for individual institutions, in this way not only the level of accountability is increased but also a fear of accountability is developed. They also give attention to personnel management and now they make steps so that teachers are…
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