The Education System Of The United States

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“Society is stratified into social classes based on wealth, income, educational attainment, occupation, and social networks.”(Boundless) As all of the essays demonstrate there are a lot of different classes in the United States. As much as we want to believe that we live in an equal country, in reality we far from it. There are people barely hanging on to be able to eat enough and to find a place to sleep with other people on the other end of the spectrum who own multiple homes and waste enough food to feed many of the families on the opposite end of the spectrum. The thing that all of the classes have in common is the push for education and higher education specifically. There is a social pressure for everyone to become educated to the same standard. Just like the range of classes show, people are not all equal and need to be educated as so. Since we have determined that people are not truly equal why should they all be responsible for the same kind of debt? The education system should be changed to fit the variety of people that we have in this country and to decrease the amount of student loans. Horatio Alger suggests in his story of “Ragged Dick," that everyone has a chance to succeed based on their merits. Harlan Dalton, however, says that this is not in fact true. Everyone has a chance to achieve based on hard work and perseverance, but just because you have luck or achievements does not mean that you will succeed. “The Horatio Alger myth conveys three basic…
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