The Education System Of The United States

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Understanding the importance of education is like understanding life. They go directly hand and hand, because learning is apart of the daily life of a child, and is extremely essential in a child’s development. Children are introduced to the education system for the purpose to learn and thrive in todays society. The education system is used to set a model for children to become successful adults for American society to prosper. Rarely, do we think about school conditions and the stress pushed upon educators to make what it takes to have a thriving school year. In the United States, the budget for education primarily comes from state and local taxes. Usually, the budget from state and local are not enough, and year after year, many are getting cut. Schools are desperately in major need for additional funding, and they gladly utilize these federal funds as much as they can. Once federal funding is accepted to help these schools, so come the high standards and expectations. The use of Federal funding creates high stake environments, that effect students and teachers differently. With these high expectations for standardizing test scores, teachers are promised large bonus incentives in return. In 2009, schools were given the option to apply for funding by The Race to the Top Fund, and these expectations cause teachers and students to have high stress and anxiety in standardized school testing. The new expectations from federal funding change the educational curriculum, induces…
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