The Education System Of Ukraine

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Weakened Education System People from all around the world strive to make their country the best in every possible way, but in order to accomplish this they must have high quality education, which can lead to smart citizens. Ukrainian Ministers of education want everything to be perfect. They want all the people to be like robots with the same way of learning, thinking and working. Because of this, Ukrainians lose interest to study in any Ukrainian institution. The Ukrainian education system is an example of minister’s faults as there are many wrong basic points that should be addressed to improve the education system. One hundred years ago Ukrainian educational standards were probably perfect, but time changed and Ukraine has to move forward. Nowadays, the lessons that are being taught in the Universities are very important and helpful in people’s future life. “Ukraine has a very well developed higher education system” (Schools, Universities and Educational Institutions 5). There are a lot of famous people as Klitschko brothers – politics and heavyweight boxers, Igor Sikorsky – aircraft designer, and a lot more people who are known through the world; despite these well-known people and useful lessons, every year the number of “bored” students is increasing, as they don’t like the principles of the educational system. Usually students are going to study abroad or deciding not to study at all after all this disappointment of the education system. Ministers of education must

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