The Educational Field For Various Reasons Essay

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These findings are beneficial for the educational field for various reasons. First, each individual works in a particular field to fulfill a personal sense of fulfillment. Teachers especially must have desire and job satisfaction since the educational system, as a whole does not offer great monetary or societal achievement. According to Bandura (1997) a teacher who has a strong belief in her or his teacher efficacy, the degree to which teachers feel that their own efforts determine the success of students, is more likely to put forth a greater effort and support towards student achievement. Second, if the student’s feel neglected or not supported then they will be more then likely to develop a learned helplessness or self-defeated outlook on life. Many times a school environment may be the only place where a child feels consistency and support. When the child is placed in a particular room for more then five hours a day with a role model individual the relationship becomes even more influential. When taken into account that many parents can only spend a few hours each evening with their children due to work schedules or other complications, then it is easy to see that the most influential individual in that child’s life is their teacher. Another interesting result of the research is that peer and teacher reports were almost always similar. For example, if the teacher thought a student was a troublemaker then the other students in the class reported the same sentiments.
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