The Educational Leadership At Greenland Pines Elementary

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Currently, I am not an employee of any learning organization, school district or educational system. However, I am involved and Chair the School Advisory Council (SAC) of Greenland Pines Elementary. This opportunity granted me a unique opportunity to observe the management of two different principals with their individual leadership styles. Furthermore, I contrasted my business practices from my own company and military service to coincide with this case study. The purpose of this paper is a comprehensive written outlining the processes presented by the educational leadership at Greenland Pines Elementary. With this in mind, we need to understand the concept of educational leadership. To begin with, educational leadership has different…show more content…
On that note, it is the responsibility of the principals and all school administrators to advance educational systems and provide positive changes for their students. Aside from the administrative duties, educational leadership involves soliciting the cooperation and working with teachers to improve the pedagogic processes in their schools. Furthermore, this will require team effort from all the stakeholders to achieve these goals and adherences to the school’s mission and vision. My case study begins with my search for the school’s mission and vision statements. The mission statement is the most essential part of an organization. It must be simple, clear and well-crafted message suggesting the essence of who we are, what we do and why we do it. In other words, the mission statement is the purpose of the organization which should capture the attention of your target market by standing out above all others in similar organizations. I started this case study assignment seeking the mission statement for Greenland Pines Elementary in the Duval County Schools District. First, I searched the Internet for the school’s website for information regarding school’s mission statement. The purpose of this search is to find evidence of the existence of the mission and vision statement. On the website, I found that this school had the vision and mission combined. Greenland Pines Elementary Mission/Vision Statement reads as follows: Greenland Pines Elementary is committed
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