The Educational Researcher: Review and Response

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2.1 Forum Analysis
A. Research and Identify: Background / History of Forum
Although the Educational Researcher does not have a stated political position and is not interested in politics on the surface, some political ideas and opinions are very evident within its pages. In my opinion, the Educational Researcher tends to lean more towards the liberal/progressive side, because the articles they publish tend to have some very progressive ideas, theories and research. The journal also tends to side with educators and professors who for the most part usually lean a little to the left.
The Educational Researcher is published nine times during the year. The fact that the journal only has nine issues makes the subject matter more valuable.
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Ferguson (6). The idea of the education system having an economic debt talks about the differences in funding between schools predominately serving White students and students of color. This is shown in examples like Chicago public schools (which are 87% Black or Latino) spending only $8,482 per student while the neighboring schools of Highland Park (which are 90% White) spending more than double that amount, $17,291 per student; and the differing earn ratios connected to the amount of education one receives (6). The sociopolitical debt deals with the exclusion of communities of color from civic processes. This can be shown from the large number of changes in voter registration in the time before and after the 1965 Voting Right Act (7). The moral debt is described as the contrast between what we know is right (values) and are actual actions. A prime example of the moral debt is a U.S. government study of syphilis where the treatment was withheld even after a cure was discovered (8). Much like all of these examples, debt as a whole has many different forms from monetary to services to a life debt.

Warrants: Analogies can help us better understand abstract or unknown concepts by defining and comparing them in the terms of a known idea or more concrete example.
Debt is something owed to a group, individual or company in reparation of services, goods, money, or involvement.

2.3 Summary
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