The Educational Software as a Motivational Tool in English Language Teaching

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INTRODUCTION The educational software as a motivational tool in English Language Teaching. Time has gone by and the teaching of foreign languages has developed, specially in English Language Teaching. Among the most significant advances one may find: the determination of the professors of trusting on their own resources, the right to choose their cross point between the theory and the practice and to look for pedagogical solutions to the problems. One issue that is still subject of discussion is that of motivation. English has become an indispensable instrument of communication in the entire world, taking place a proliferation of methods and teaching texts; from the one designed in 1580 called The English Schoolmaster to teach to the…show more content…
It can be applied by means of didactic machines, but also by means of books, records and even oral communication. It is a technical device, apart from the Educational Technology that exposes the norms or techniques for the application of didactic programs. This essay presents an analysis of the possibilities of the use of educational software as a motivational tool as well as discuss its advantages and disadvantages in the teaching of English. DISCUSSION It could be argued that with the use of technology the role of the teacher is reduced to the elaboration of the program while the student acquires a predominant role, since he self-instructs, self-programs and receives an individualized learning in agreement with his/her rhythm of assimilation (Vygotsky, 1987), (Wood, 1996). Although this non-collaborative, in some cases, character may look not beneficial, this teaching type has its advantages and, consequently, its disadvantages. Regarding the advantages of the use of technology, it could be said that provides a constant activation and motivation to the students (Davis, 1992), provides a safe ground for individual work as well as a collaborative environment, instant feedback, depending on the tool, about the results of the learning and in countries with economic difficulties it could eventually contribute to satisfy an educational need in some contexts, that is, provide instruction to a large mass of students. Technology, as a human-crafted
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