The Educational System Of The United States

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The United States may be looked upon as a land of freedom and opportunity, yet today we live in an era where education is still a persistent struggle for minorities in a white privileged society. We live in a country where the educational system puts greater emphasis on training students to tackle standardized tests than on development of self and character. The American educational system is in crisis and has been in this situation for decades now. The solution to this problem goes beyond better teacher performance and school infrastructure.
The general public’s expectations of the educational system tend to encourage individual success in the outside world. Institutions are expected to teach students general knowledge in language arts, natural sciences and mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences. Critical thinking, reading comprehension, and deep analysis enhance the learning of these subject areas. Nowadays it is also highly encouraged to have knowledge on a second language and foreign cultures. Parents and teachers expect the combination of these to enable students to move up the ladder socially and financially as they get older. The system is also expected to teach children the value of effort and a positive attitude in the process of learning, since this is a process that should not end after high school. Even though the extent to which these expectations are actually put into practice varies among societies, the common belief about education is that it should
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