The Educational System Proposed By Socrates

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Plato and Education
Social justice is about guaranteeing a commitment to equal access of liberties, rights and opportunities to all members of society, while ensuring the care of those least privileged (Robinson). One’s access to education is a social justice issue. This paper aims to analyze whether or not the educational system proposed by Socrates in Plato’s Republic could better serve the United States than its current education system. Having personally experienced Switzerland’s education system, I propose it as a sort of middle ground between Plato’s theory of education, and the current system in place in the United States.

Education in Switzerland, the United States, and Plato’s Republic
Education in Switzerland is deemed a right, not a privilege. From a young age, holistic learning is encouraged, and most schools focus on the “development of mind and character, the furtherance of knowledge and ability, physical culture and healthy living, civic and political education, a sense of responsibility towards society, and a spirit of international understanding” (Flaksman, 1973). Schools are structured in such a way that classes are often divided depending on students’ ability and vocational aims. From a young age, a students strengths and abilities are identified. At the end of compulsory education, some leave to pursue apprenticeships in particular trades, while others enter academic programs that are designed to best utilize and advance the students’
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