The Educational System and Social Class Essay

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Historical Events
In order to establish a PHILOSOPHY ON TEACHING, a sequence of events happen in history to open a doorway to “Society about Education and Schooling”, as the description of Public Education Goals for Our Educational System came from the ideas of two famous men, Horace Mann and Thomas Jefferson.
Mann believed “people were created and brought into life with a set of innate, organic, dispositions, or propensities (Mann 1969, pg. 125) and Thomas Jefferson gave the idea of an assigned nature where he believed schools function was for the select, superior people with gifts of virtue and wisdom. He also thought that education could improve a person’s endowment, but gave the failure to provide educational opportunity as it does create abilities or talents (Jefferson (1944) 430-431). These ideas gave a realization of what are associated with our present day education of Equality of Educational opportunity in today’s school system and a remedy for socioeconomic inequality to include education for the poor as well as the rich.
The Social Class and Schooling Goals:
• To prepare children for citizenship
• To cultivate a skilled workforce
• To teach cultural literacy
• To prepare students for college
• To help students become critical thinkers
• To help students compete in a global marketplace
My other philosophy is the more we engage in teaching opportunities that expose students to different cultures the further we representation to the world around us.…