The Educational Theories Of Learning Popularised By Theorists Pavlov

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Behaviourism is the earliest educational theories of learning popularised by theorists Pavlov (1849 -1936), Watson (1878 - 1958), and Skinner (1904-1990). Behaviourism learning is a change in observable behaviours in response to environmental stimuli. It is particularly applied for teaching practical skills lesson with instrument. van Vonderen (2004) also stated that the behaviourist learning theory is especially useful for demonstrating technical skills.

Title of lesson plan:
Basic Skills for Endoscopy procedure

Aim and Learning Objectives:
After attending this lesson, the trainee will be able to understand and to perform the safe procedure into a real life performance context. The detailed learning objectives are as follows:
1. to
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This lesson includes vocabulary list with definitions, lecture, video, active class discussion, small group activities, interactive endoscopy and hand-on model work.

Learning environment
Classroom setting which can accommodate around 9 students and 4 trainers to facilitate well-equipped with endoscopy and accessories and pig model for the whole teaching and learning process.

Instructional strategy and learning theory:
Behaviourism means learning with behaviours that can be observed and measured. The primary aim of behaviourism is to form a connection between a stimulus and a response. The concept of classical conditioning was developed by a Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936). According to Papalia (2007), they define the classical conditioning as a type of learning which based on the association of a stimulus that does not ordinarily elicit the particular response with another stimulus that does elicit the response.

1. Introduction, Goal setting and stimulate recall of prior knowledge (20 minutes)
Trainer will begin the lesson with the class by introducing each other and briefly inform the programme of the day to gain the interest of the trainee. Trainer will explain the objectives that will be done by the end of day and what the trainee expected to know. The trainee face only the
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