The Educational Value of Exhibitions in Musuems

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Definition of exhibition Before proceeding to the discussion of relationship between exhibition, communication and education, the meaning of the term should be clarified first. The term exhibition implies several meanings owing to a movement within different context and style of each professional realm. As the definition shows in oxford dictionary, the word exhibition can be defined as ‘a public display of works of art or items of interest, held in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair’, and it is also refer to synonyms ‘display’, ‘show’. Similarly, here we can further defined the display as a method of communication and scenario that convey diverse content to the audience in certain period or a specific space with the purpose of information transmitting, promotion, education and enlightenment (Huang and Wu:1998, p.8). Although there is subtle difference of definition and the representative word of exhibition, it is noteworthy that we can hardly investigate the display apart from media, message, and audience. Exhibition, communication, and knowledge shaping. When it comes to the exhibition in museums, there is increasing discussion of museum as dialogue environment and its learning impacts on audience. Modern museums have gradually transferred their emphasis from collection, conservation and research to display and education. Besides the traditional functions of museum, 吉村典夫( 1979: 104-107) maintains that organisation is encouraged to develop responsibilities-

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