The Educator in a Pastoral Role

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Name: Voxi Gatani Module: The Educator in a pastoral role Course Code: EDPHOD8 Assignment 01 Unique Assignment Number: 320619 You as a pastoral educator are therefore concerned about James’s wellbeing and decide to assist him. Provide your plan of action using the following as guidelines: SECTION 1: BACKGROUND James is a Grade 9 learner at a secondary school where a strong Western culture existed before the school had to accommodate a diversity of cultures (White Paper on Education and Training 1995). Previously this was a school for English speaking learners with more or less similar backgrounds, cultures and values. Recently the school has come to consist of learners with Afrikaans, Northern Sotho and Zulu as their mother tongues –…show more content…
His parents’ divorce and his mother’s remarriage would have further exacerbated his currently decreased ability to tolerate, assimilate and accommodate change, resulting in the high intensity of emotional response displayed. His parents divorced last year and his mother remarried in the December schools holidays – things must happened at a frenetic pace for James – before he could get over the divorce, there was already a new man in his mother’s life and this could only have led James to lose hope and feel even less in control. The fact that James’s temperament was unlike that of the carefree person he used to be might indicate that (as is often the case with youth whose parents are involved in a divorce) he feels ashamed about the divorce leading to a change in his social behaviour. He may also be too embarrassed to tell his friends and this may have led to withdrawal from his social groups. Together with the fact that he got into a fight –possibly to take out his frustrations on someone else, deviating from the characteristic confident manner in how James and his friends previously handled conflict could also be possible effects of a traumatic experience resulting from his parents’ divorce and/or his mother’s remarriage. His class teacher too has noticed a sudden drop in all his school subject results, further indicating that there is some crisis of sort, with his traditional coping skills appearing to be affected leading to difficulties
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