The Effect Barbary Pirates Had on the History of America

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The effect Barbary Pirates had on the history of America
Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia; The current day names for the land of which the Barbary Pirates had once inhabited. These Barbary States would extort the world of their men and their cargo through plundering of naval ships. In the same time period there was a newly discovered land, which was striving to mature into an independent country. This land was known as America, and they were rigorously tearing apart from their homeland, England. “Once the United States declared independence, British diplomats were quick to inform the Barbary States that U.S. ships were open to attack. In 1785”(PA). The United States did not enjoy paying off the pirates, so they took it to their own hands to stop this problem once and for all. The defeat of the Barbary States, by Americans helped the naval security, a huge amount in the future of the “Land of the Free”, and allowed for lots of fighting experience.
“From 1786 to 1815, the United States made tribute payments to the North African Barbary states to protect its shipping from pirate raids”(Kearney F, "Barbary pirates"). This ended when Jefferson was elected into presidency. He had been against the tribute of the Barbary States his whole life in office, and so when he was elected, he stopped paying tribute and refused to pay a ransom for many goods and men that the pirates had rummaged. This angered the pirates, and so war was unofficially declared, and Jefferson had a blockade
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