The Effect Of Aerobic Exercise On Cognitive Function

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The Impact of Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Function Mychaela Moore Biology – 4703 March 2, 2015 ABSTRACT – 1 page This report investigates the effects of physical activity on cognitive function. The impact is researched in both adults and children and the present similar findings. Research has shown that children do better on tests involving executive control following physical activity than children who do not participate in the physical exercise. It has also been shown that children that engage in higher intensity activity perform better than the children engaging in lower intensity activity. Investigations in adults have revealed that physical activity reduces subjects’ chances of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. These studies are increasingly important, both because life span is increasing and leading to higher incidences of this diseases, and people are becoming more and more sedentary and leaving behind active lifestyles. INTRODUCTION – 1-2 pages As the world develops, humans are becoming increasingly sedentary. Advances in technology have eased the amount of physical work we do throughout the day. We have cars for travel, desk jobs for work, and TVs, cell phones, and computers for entertainment. This trend toward a more sedentary lifestyle comes with ease, but also has side effects. The CDC reports that in areas of the United states where rates of obesity are higher than 30%, more than 30% of
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