The Effect Of An Autologous Platelet Concentration On Lateral Epicondylitis Essay

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Review of literature Article 1: Positive effect of an autologous platelet concentration in lateral epicondylitis in a double-blind randomized controlled trial: platelet-rich plasma versus corticosteroid injection with a 
1-year follow-up. The first study (Peerblooms et al) is a double-blind randomized control study trail with a 1 year follow-up in order to compare the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma injections against the efficacy of corticosteroid injections in the treatment of chronic lateral epicondyltitis The primary goal of the study was to assess the reduction of pain and disability scores following treatment using VAS and DASH self-assessment questionnaires. One hundred consecutive patients that met the inclusion/exclusion criteria were selected for participation in the study. The study was conducted at 2 teaching hospitals in the Netherlands. In order to be selected patients had to have a 6-month minimum history of diagnosed lateral epicondylitis -“tenderness over the head of the extensor carpi radialis brevis, and pain with resisted wrist extension” (Peerblooms et al), a minimum score of 50 on the VAS (0 = no pain, 100 = Maximum), and diagnostic imaging (usually x-ray) that confirmed no other mechanical reason for their symptoms. In addition to these criteria participants had to have been treated with at least one of the following; immobilization, physiotherapy, and/or corticosteroid injections. Patients were excluded if they met any of the following criteria: less
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