The Effect Of Assan Motor Company Under The Leadership Of Mr. Hunt Stevenson

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International organizational behavior is very important in every organization for one primary reason. Many businesses operate under the influence of organizational behavior. For this discussion, we will analyze different aspects of Assan Motor Company under the leadership of Mr. Hunt Stevenson. Therefore, the paper will cover all topics starting with question one to question nine defining what is contained in the video and supplemental readings provided. 1. In order to develop a new business in Japan, Mr. Stevenson needs to take more people from the US for him to collect more ideas. The main reason for this is because his work requires different ideas from different people for it to prosper. For any business to start, one should correct ideas from different corners of the world and especially when operating in foreign countries. Additionally, he should also increase the number of US workers from Japan for him to manage the control of the 15,000 cars to be made in the company per month. Even though the wages for the workers would be low, the supply of cars would increase with time depending on the type of business they would operate. The more customers the more workers are needed to control and assist them in the process of purchasing cars from the new business. According to part five of the video, it is true to say that Mr. Stevenson needs more workers from US. In order to make a successful business, he should plan three visits in a week to the business for him to control
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