The Effect Of Background Music On Short Term Memory

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The Effect of Background Music on Short Term Memory
Jiayi Shi
Arizona State University

The intention of this study was to examine the relationship between the different types of background music and people’s abilities to memorize and retain information. There are 18 participants in the experiment. They were asked to memorize and recall the given word lists with different background music. The result indicates that it’s easier for the participants to memorize word lists while there was death metal as the background music. This finding suggests a relationship between different types of background music and people’s ability to memorize and retain information, such that people’s memorization perform better under the heavy distraction condition.

The Effects of Background Music on Short Term Memory
Music has been one of the main entertainment sources throughout the world, there are various kinds of music playing night and day, in every corner of the world: Pop, classical, rock etc... Some college students find it’s hard to study while there is background music, presenting another distraction. Yet, many students study while listening to music, and find it helps them to concentrate. Nowadays, most people believe that good academic achievement can bring them to a better life. As students’ study habits affect their success in schools, the question of whether or not listening to music affects students’ concentration or is just another distraction is
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