The Effect Of Bedside On Patient Safety, Satisfaction, And Quality Of Care Essay

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The patient has the right to every aspect of their care and this includes being involved in the change-of-shift bedside report. The purpose of this study is to identify the benefits of bedside report and its impact on patient safety, satisfaction, and quality of care. The participants of this study were randomly selected and of varying ages. The methodology utilized in this study is a qualitative and quantitative research. The results of the study will determine the benefits of incorporating bedside report into nursing care. Introduction Nurses must never stop learning and always need to strive to discover better ways to provide care for their patients. One important factor in achieving this goal is involving patients in their own care. This can be established by doing a handoff report at the bedside between nurses. Bedside report has been studied in various settings, and its effectiveness has been proven in the literature. However, more evidence-based research on this topic is needed. A significant amount of communication is done between nurses at handoff report, and the patient’s safety can also be compromised at this time (Sand-Jecklin & Sherman, 2014). In a study conducted regarding near miss incidents, nurses reported that handoff report is a contributing factor (Sand-Jecklin & Sherman, 2014). Communication errors are the leading cause of patient harm and are the root cause of 65% of sentinel events (Tobiano, Chaboyer, & Mcmurray, 2013). If the bedside report is
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