The Effect Of Beer And Nohria On The Modern World

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The contemporary world is changing constantly and rapidly, causing the organisations to react accordingly, and these environmental changes could be in many forms such as competitors, technologies, resources, deregulation and privatization (Carnall, 1995). Agboola and Salawu (2011) identified change as a required process which is made in order for a firm to achieve its objectives and goals successfully. It is claimed that adapting to the environment (Barr et al., 1992; Child and Smith, 1987; Leana and Barry, 2000 cited in Del Val and Fuentes, 2003, p148) and improving performance (Boeker, 1997; Keck and Tushman, 1993 cited in Del Val and Fuentes, 2003, p148) are the overall aims of organizational change. Researches of Beer and Nohria (2000)…show more content…
technology, consumer tastes, competitors, suppliers, economy, mergers and acquisitions, etc.) and internal triggers (i.e. organizational structure, technology, job and product design, stress levels, etc.). It is believed by Kanter (1983) that the trigger comes from managers’ perceptions of the environment. As every individual is unique and differentiated, their reactions towards changes are different eventually. It is suggested by Carnall (2007) that people, who face changes, move through five important stages. The majority of people would refuse to change initially; this first stage is called denial. If the group of people is powerful and reluctant to change, the pressure on people, who are positive to change, can hold them down. A solution to this could be giving them time to adjust. Following the denial stage is defence. People at this stage begin to realise the existence of the change, but vaguely. In the beginning, they may feel anxious, frustrated and possibly depressed as they are aware of the change ahead. During the discarding stage, people actually get to experience the change and may find it difficult to follow at first. They get stressed easily and need lots of supports. Organistions start to feel relieved when people reach stage four – adaption. People are familiar with the changes now and although the process is low most of the time, the performance should be improved as the change plan is heading to the right direction. The last stage is

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