The Effect Of Bees On The Ecosystem

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I think that changes to living/non-living parts of an ecosystem impacts the population in the ecosystem because if the living/non-living things change then there could be extinction then the population would start to go down. Like the bees from the podcast and from my connections map is the lion if they were to come extinct. Also from the external factors presentations the iberian lynx if it were to come extinct and what happens to it. From my connections map I did the lion and if lions were to go extinct it would impact the population of the lions prey. If the lions prey has its population increased then all the prey would eat their prey and there would be none left then they would die of starvation. This would be called the domino effect because one thing is getting affected by the other and keeps happening. When the domino effect happens it’s not a good thing because the whole ecosystem is affected. The lion would affect the ecosystem because it is one of the biggest predators in its ecosystem. My reasoning for this is that if the lions were to go extinct then its prey would increase its population. When the prey eats all of their prey then this is the domino effect.…show more content…
Also if the bees become extinct then they wouldn’t be able to make the honey. If there is no honey that would impact us because we use honey to eat, cook things, and home remedies. When the bees don’t do these things it has a big impact on our ecosystem and its own. If bees were to come extinct that would have a huge impact on a lot of animals and us people because the animals need the plants for food or nutrients. This is how the bees would impact our
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