The Effect Of Bicarbonate Soda On Physical Properties Of A Baked Cup Cake

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Atoms are the building blocks for all living and non-living substances. All atoms of form a chemical element and when these elements are put together, in countless combinations, these atoms give all known forms of matter. Molecules are groups of atoms bonded together, representing the smallest fundamental unit of a chemical compound that can take part in a chemical reaction. A compound is a substance that is formed with two of more atoms that a chemically bonded together. A mixture is a substance that is made up of two substances but the substances are not chemically bound.
Chemical and physical changes happen constantly in everyday life for
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This reaction will not occur without the reactants receiving enough energy or activation energy to break the chemical bonds.
When baking a cake, each ingredient has a certain role which combines to make the final product. When the flour is added with the liquids in the cake mixture and placed in the oven, it expands to many times its original volume and helps the cake set with a light and aerated texture. This process allows the gluten increase the elasticity of the batter so that the mixture can expand and set with it falling apart. The beaten egg white in the cake mixture helps to retain gas and acts like a binder. However, if the whole egg is used the lecithin in the egg acts as a binder which holds the whole substance together. More than when there is just the egg white because the lecithin increases the strength of the bonds between substances in the mixture. The eggs are also used as an emulsifier or a moistener and are also used as a source of natural fat in the cake. Salt is used in cake mixtures to enhance the flavour of the cake and to also “toughen up” the sugar and fat elements of the cake. Sugar is used in cake mixtures to brown the outside of the baked good, forming a crust as the sugar starts undergoing reactions above 160 degrees. Sugar is also added to sweeten the taste of the cake.
Bicarbonate soda is crystalline inorganic salt. Baking powder is used in baking to make the baked good rise. This happens because at 50 degrees Celsius, the
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