The Effect Of Birth Order On Personality

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For many years, there’s been an ongoing debate as to whether birth order truly has an effect on the way we behave throughout our development. The article I’ve selected argues against the notion that these two correlate. The sample can be found at, otherwise known as the Proceedings of the National Academy of the United States of America. Titled, “Examining the Effects of Birth Order on Personality” three authors collectively come to this agreement that there are no lasting effects from birth order in long-term personality traits. The names of these authors are, Julia M. Roher, Boris Eglaff, and Stefan C. Schmukle. They explore previous research on the subject from various psychologists, and later decide to conduct their own research and draw conclusions thereafter. I found the article to be very straightforward in its approach. The subject matter was presented clearly within the opening sentences. Each point was elaborated thoroughly, and it was written in a way both professionals, and average readers could comprehend the language. The terms were relatively relatable, no advanced medical terminology was mentioned, and evidence was given for each argument presented in their research. Statistics and table charts played a significant role in demonstrating credibility of the findings. There were three distinct points made in contrast to birth order affecting personality. Age, sibship size, and family design. Age was a contributing factor in terms of long standing
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