The Effect Of Body Image On Adolescent Girls

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According to a study on body image 42% of first to third grade girls want to be thinner (Collins,1991). This presents a dilemma to parents and educators, as adolescent girls are becoming increasingly concerned with their body image, and have been led to unhealthy practices in their desire to be thinner. Research into this showed that as much as 57% of adolescent girls engage in harmful practices such as fasting, self induced vomiting, or diet pills (Boutelle et al, 2002).This occurs as a result of youth being subject to environments that promote an unrealistic “ideal” body. This can affect our perception of our bodies and what is considered to be healthy or “normal”. It is also due to media promoting an “ideal” body type. This affects perception of body in adolescent girls due to the overwhelming amount of unrealistic body ideals that these girls are subject to. This conditions girls to practice unhealthy eating habits. an overwhelming 69% of elementary school girls who read magazines say that he pictures greatly alter their perception of the “ideal body”, and that subsequently, these images make them want to lose weight. (Martin, 2010) This issue will only continue to grow unless steps are taken to eradicate it. In order to ensure that is done, issues and negative associations with body image in girls should be eliminated at a young age. Implementing this should come in the form of mandatory health education, the elimination of body related stigmas and the promotion of…
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