The Effect Of Brand Image On ACC Concrete Mix

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This project is performed at ACC concrete ltd, Bangalore. The project focuses on studying the effect of brand image on ACC concrete mix. This project will show ACC concrete ltd an insight into the market and try to find the major factors expected by the consumer while purchasing concrete.
In this project descriptive research have been used and observe how brand image of ACC has influenced people to purchase concrete products from this company. Concrete is a mixer of aggregate, cement, sand, admixture and water. In present time customers prefer Ready Mix Concrete because it is easy, no need of storing raw materials and the strength of the concrete is higher and excellent. But there are many competitors in this concrete manufacturing industry and we see how ACC concrete ltd has fared among others. This study tells that does brand image really matters in the consumer buying decision.
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The Effect Of Brand Image on ACC concrete Mix.
In this topic we study that how brand image of ACC helps the boost in sale of Ready Mix Concrete of ACC and will also try to understand the impact of brand image in the marketing of concrete.
• To study about the brand image about ACC Concrete
• To study about the effects of brand image on customer buying
• To study about the various products offered by ACC concrete
• To study about the strategic positioning of ACC concrete in the market

Scope of the study
Concrete is a important product that is used in the construction of building and infrastructures. A concrete has to have strength, durability and quality to make a strong and stable infrastructure. This study will tell us does ACC concrete mix is a very good product in the market. Does it pose a strong contender to its competitors in the current market and does the brand image of ACC ltd. plays any role in purchasing of its products.
Statement of the

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