The Effect Of Calculator On The Achievement Of Students ' Perception Of Calculator Usage During Instruction

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Overview The project revealed that calculator use does in some way have an effect on the achievement of students. Students’ perception of calculator usage during instruction was mixed with some students feeling positive about its integration while other students did not having an ill or positive feelings towards the device. Problem Solutions Possible solutions to the research problem based on the results are small group instruction and technology integration restrictions. Small group instruction is a wonderful strategy that guarantees that students understand the curriculum. Small groups will enable the teacher to give students the extra help that students sometimes require to obtain the lesson.The separations will make it easier to…show more content…
The tool was also a weakness, because the students had seen it once before by taking the pre-assessment. The pre- and post-assessment could have been better if the researcher had either mixed up the order of the problems or made a completely different assessment with the same type of problems. Problems Encountered Problems encountered during the execution of the project were excessive student absences, lack of consent, and school assemblies. One of the target students in the study had excessive absences due to behavior. The student got in some trouble that required that they spend time in In-school suspension as well as Out-school suspension. This problem made it impossible for the students data to be included in the study. A couple of students did not return the consent form. One student in particular needed multiple copies while the other student just never gave the consent to their parents. Unscheduled school assemblies served as a problem as well. Since they were unschedule, they were not taken into consideration when planning the study. The assemblies were also mandatory, so there was no way to get around not attending. Influential Factors Factors that may have skewed the findings were wording of a interview questions and grade level mathematics class. Students needed for the researcher to explain exactly what was meant on interview questions for clarification. This

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