The Effect Of Cell Phone On College Students ' Interaction At Dining Table

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Report on Literature Search The presence of mobile technologies has significantly affected every aspect of human social interaction. My observation on college students using cell phone at dining hall has raised my question of how does cell phone influences people’s interaction at dinner table. My review topic would be focusing on the effects of cell phone presence on college students’ interaction at dining table. I want to find out how cell phone affects students’ attention on other people sitting around them in the same table. Moreover, how does cell phone affects students’ conversation with others. My research strategy will start with conducting a literature research on published articles that associated with the use of cell phone and …show more content…

The participants were coffee shop customers that agreed to participate in the research after asked about demographic information. They were asked to be seated and randomly assigned to have either casual content of conversation or meaningful content of conversation for 10 minutes while research assistant observed from a distance. After the conversation, participants are asked to fill out a 5 minutes brief survey asking the degree of psychological closeness to the person they talk to. Considering the relatively short time frame in the study, I think it is hard to ask people about their opinions on conversation partner closeness. The limitation on the time frame may influences the result of the survey as participants would take personal account into answering the question. The research observes that participants conversing in the presence of cell phone had a lower level of empathic concern comparing to those without cell phone. The result of the experiment proves the hypothesis that the presence of cell phone disrupts the quality of the conversation. The “Mere Presence” Hypothesis: Investigating the Nonverbal Effects of Cell-Phone Presence on Conversation Satisfaction. The research in the article focuses on testing the existing hypothesis of cell phone’s negative impact

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