The Effect Of Cell Phones On Teenager 's Lives

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The Effect of Cell Phones in Teenager’s Lives

iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6XL, Droid, Blackberry. The list of different cell phones that are in the possession of the teenage population across the world, is endless. The use of a cell phone especially in the teenage years, is almost like an addiction. This is mostly because of the endless possibilities having to do with a cell phone. Today cell phones are basically mobile computers at your fingertips. Within a second the Internet can be searched for anything, at any time or any place. Games can be played any where, in conjunction to any app. Pictures can be taken and sent out, being deleted instantly all with the use of Snapchat. Social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, allow interaction with friends to see what they’re up to at that very moment. With all of these features being available to a teenager, why wouldn’t they never want to stop using it? The effects of cell phones in a teenager’s life are grades dropping and texting and driving rates increasing.
With the increase of teenagers having cell phones comes the use of them in school, which leads to a decrease in grades. Texting is one of the main purposes of a cell phone in the teenage years. With texting comes the distraction to pay attention; looking at the phone, rather then the lesson in class. Studies show that “students are texting frequently during class time, and that interferes with their ability to pay attention and learn” (“Texting in…
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