The Effect Of Centrifuge Butyrometer On Centrifuge Machine For 1-2 Minutes

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butyrometer. Add 1ml of amyl alcohol. Shake it carefully until sample is dissolved. Centrifuge butyrometer in centrifuge machine for 1-2 minutes. Take out butyrometer and read the scale. II) Moisture Content Take a moisture dish & put a glass rod in it and weigh.(A) Take 3 g khoa or dhap Add small amount of distilled water &slurry Keep in oven at 120° C for 2 hrs Take out and keep in desiccator for cooling Weigh(B) % Moisture = (A-B) x 100/wt. of sample III) Butyro-refractometer reading Take 20 g of khoa or dhap in a beaker. Keep beaker in microwave for extraction of fat. Maintain the temperature of butryo-refractometer to 40° C using hot water. Place 1-2 drops of oil extracted on lower prism of butryo-refractometer Note the…show more content…
Colour and taste is also check. Packaging Materials used in the company Polypropylene Polyester Polystyrene Paper board Glass Tin cans Polypropylene: It is a homogenous, unprinted film of pure polypropylene or a copolymer of polypropylene and others such as ethylene. The properties include: Low density Low water vapour transpiration rate Good Stiffness Resistance to cracking High tensile strength Heat seal ability Polypropylene may be used for shrink wrapping or heating in bags. Polyester: polyester belongs to the class of condensation polymers which is formed by eliminating a small molecule usually, water from two different reactants leaving binding sites which enable two reactants to join together into long chains. The most important polyester in packaging is polyethylene terphthalate (PET). It is an important packaging resin primarily because it combines at very high temperature, excellent mechanical properties with inertness to the film. The oriented films and sheaths are very clear, have excellent strength and toughness and possess oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier properties than any of other films Paperboard and fiberboard - Paperboard is thicker, flexible and used for wrap and bags. Fiberboard is made by combining layers of strong papers and is used for constructing secondary shipping cartons. The material used to construct shipping cartons is referred as corrugated paper board because of wavy inner layer of

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