The Effect Of Chemical Reactions On Temperature, Enthalpy, And Specific Heat

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Discussion of Goals During this experiment we tested the amount of change in heat given off during different chemical reactions. We created a calorimeter that we will use to test different reactions to see how the heat energy was affected. After completing the experiments we were able to tell what chemicals or metals would change the heat energy for every reaction we tested. Overall, this experiment showed us what characteristics of chemical reactions affect the change in temperature, enthalpy, and specific heat. Discussion of Results During the past four weeks we have been working on identifying heat changes between an assortment of different chemicals and metals. We constructed two calorimeters out of four Styrofoam cups, tape, and a thermometer. We decided to use two calorimeters so the experiment could be an ongoing experiment; instead of having to wait between getting results. Also, so we could limit the amount of possible reoccurring faults in a calorimeter.
For week one we tested the change in heat; which the results are shown in Table 1: also used for calculations later in the experiment. We tested cold water, boiling water, and a combining of the hot and cold waters. Between the first two trials of the experiment we noticed a large gap between our two tested Heat Capacities. After discussing with our TA we decided to try the experiment again to get our numbers closer to one another. After testing one more time we were able to get our numbers within a…
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