The Effect Of Choosing A Mortician

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The Effects of Choosing to Become a Mortician
A few years ago I began learning about mortuary work and the death industry which eventually turned me onto a path undertaken by only a few. I decided I wanted to become a funeral director. This largely started with a series of events involving dead frogs and possums that sparked curiosity and then a lot of internet searches about death. The most influential find was a YouTube channel by the name of Ask a Mortician, and the accompanying website The Order of the Good Death. It’s a web series that stars Caitlin Doughty, a mortician in Los Angeles California answering questions about death, funeral home practices and the effects our society has on our relationship with death. Fast forward a few years and here I am at school beginning to take the classes necessary to get my Associates and take the National Board Exam and get my license.
This has led to a lot of effects, some obvious and some unforeseen. For instance in a bizarre twist my mother is constantly and intensely angry that I am going to college at all. This makes conversing with her a little awkward because she must always bring it up and ask if I’m doing all of this to “hurt her,” or will rant about how I cannot possibly do this I’m too sweet, attractive, or most infuriatingly feminine and I should find someone to take care of me. I am indeed cute but I refuse, rebuke even the prospect that I should do such a thing. As a result I simply avoid talking to her as much as I…

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