The Effect Of Climate Change On The Earth 's System

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Scientific Paper Report Climate change is when there is an identifiable change in weather over time. Unlike weather, scientists can predict the climate for the next fifty years; they can predict the changes in the atmospheric composition and the long-term weather in a certain area. Climate change is the predicted average weather and the change in an average weather, also known as the different temperatures, seasons, and precipitation. Climate can be viewed within the entire Earth itself, rather than just one place. This means that the Earth can have changes in the atmosphere, land, oceans, precipitation, and land. The Earth’s climate is always changing. An example of climate change within the entire Earth, between summer and winer. The seasons change because of geographical patterns of energy absorbed and radiated away by the Earth. Climate changes are formed by the changes in heat energy in the Earth’s system. Human activities are also a major factor to climate changes. Humans have made various changes in the amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, as well as changes made in the land. The sun is another source of what makes up Earth’s climate. The Earth is much colder than the sun, therefore it radiates at longer wavelengths. Climate is affected by the Earth and how much solar energy is has. The atmosphere, also known as the clouds, absorb the thermal radiation emitted by the land and ocean. This process is also called the Greenhouse Effect. The green house has
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