The Effect Of Cloud Computing On Software Development Process

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NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY Effect of Cloud Computing on Software Development Process Name of the Student 3/7/2013 Abstract This research paper is about discussing the effects of cloud-computing on the software development process. Cloud computing is very popular these days. The concept of cloud computing is quite different from other existing computing techniques. Cloud computing is a modern concept evolving as a multidisciplinary field based on web-services and service oriented architecture; this is supported by Alter (2008). So it is affecting the software development process to a great extent which has its own pros and cons. These will be discussed in this research paper. There is a lot of research work going on this topic and few…show more content…
This concept is not entirely new as most of us are using this from past many years in one form or another using emails and WWW. But now days the concept has revised too much. Users can access the resources directly through the internet; there is absolutely no need of having the direct physical access to the resources within the organization’s premises. The concept is based on service provisioning where the services can be easily provisioned and de-provisioned as per the user’s request and demand. This is very beneficial for the users as they do not have to pay for the entire service, they will pay as per its use, which reduces the total cost. This concept ahs in turn invented some new concepts like mesh computing, pay-per-use service, cloud platforms, etc. This is very important to investigate this area as it reduces a lot of development cost and the development time too. It makes the access to the services as very easy and comfortable job. A lot of research is going on this topic to further improve its efficiency and effectiveness. Discussion The concept of cloud computing is very popular these days. So let us try to understand its architecture and the concept on which cloud computing is based on: Conceptualization of Cloud Computing The conceptualization of cloud computing can be explained from the below drawn figure. There are mainly two types of
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