The Effect Of Cohabitating Couples

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The Effects of Cohabitating Couples According to Random Dysfunctions, “I think living together is what causes the most change in a relationship (other than having a child, which I’ve never experienced). For couples who live together before marriage, signing some papers doesn’t lead to much of a change in feelings, routines or habits. For couples who get married and then move in together, get ready for some major changes” (Random Dysfunctions). This woman lived with her spouse a year and a half before marrying her spouse, and she believes that the effects of this completely differ then just being together and waiting until marriage to live with each other. The writer agrees with this her beliefs because she has lived with her boyfriend for…show more content…
Motives for why people might live with their significant other before marriage can include the birth of a child, the savings involved because they want to see if they are compatible living together, or one partner wants to rush things. According to Arron Chambers, The effects of living together before marriage include higher divorce rates, unhappier marriages, higher amounts of arguments, less satisfactory sex lives, higher chances of pregnancy, and negative effects on the children (Chambers). The prior listed causes and effects may vary from relationship to relationship and the limitations are numerous depending on the couple. Living together before marriage, also known as cohabitation, is more common than it used to be. Back in the biblical days, this was considered a huge sin and people who did this would be shunned from their community. The Bible’s Genesis 2:24. says, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they shall be one flesh.” This means that couples should not live together before marriage, but sometime between now and the writing of that verse, the message got lost. Either way, people are living together and the reasons why can vary. It is possible that some people start to live with their boyfriend or girlfriend to rebel against their parents or perhaps even God. This is a sad reason to take that step in a relationship, but it does happen. Another reason someone might
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