The Effect Of Competition On The Strategies Of Coca Cola

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This case study of Coca Cola Company focuses on why this successful company has been able to strategically implement its policy in order to continue to increase its market dominance in light of competition. More so, it goes ahead in mentioning the different strategies applied by the organisation and its plans for continuous global success despite the very competitive and global market. The write up briefly explains the secret behind the success of this organisation and its uniqueness in history which has followed through in acceptable sequence to create a global iconic brand that provides moments of excitement and refreshment each and every day of our lives. The paper therefore seeks to explain the impact of competition on the strategies of coca cola. Introduction Since its inception in Atlanta Georgia in 1886 by John Pemberton, Coca Cola has been a company established with the aim of promoting and creating social interaction and inspired innovation through the beverage business. These unbelievable moments in history prepared and followed in acceptable sequence and have helped create a global and unique brand which provides billions of moments of enjoyment and refreshment every year. It is listed in the New York stock exchange and produces a wide range of beverages the most common of them, Coca Cola being at the fore front. Others include Fanta sprite as well as a big range of sparkling beverages like Fuze and Dasani (Coca Cola Company, 2014). The

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