The Effect Of Computer Vandals

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Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Summary: 1
Impacts from Hackers 2
Financial loss 2
Loss of information 2
Deacreased Privacy 2
Types of Security Attacks 3
Definitions 3
Hacker Attacks 4
Ways to Prevent Security Attacks 5

This report will cover some of the different types of viruses and people who create them (hackers). The research and studies carried out by child organizations and authorities has been analyzed thoroughly and their records have been included in this report. The report will discuss the effects of computer vandals, how the user’s computer can be remotely attacked, and what can be done to prevent being attacked.

Impacts from Hackers
Hackers have their reasons for breaking through IT security. Some do it just for the challenge, others for information, some for fame and some for improving their programming skills. Any kind of that reason, hacking causes damage to the computing devices of individuals and industries, sometimes resulting in millions of dollars loss of that industry. Here are some of the major impacts: FINANCIAL LOSS
At the end of each year, businesses reveal their financial losses. Some of the losses include damages made from unauthorized access to their servers (simply saying hacking). One can be seen from Sony Inc., when, in 2011, it lost US$170 million dollars from a hack of their PlayStaion Network server. With personal information and money being stolen from nearly 77 million accounts Sony had to spend its own
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