The Effect Of Concentration On A Human 's Physical Performance

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An amalgamation of factors from physiological to psychological can affect a human’s physical performance and it is the type of physical activity or sport that determines which of these factors is the most influential. In aerobic or endurance sports which last for longer durations of time and require the use of larger muscle groups, such as running or cycling, maximal aerobic power (VO2max) is imperative for elite physical performance. Different ways to improve VO2max have been explored thoroughly and the relationship between haemoglobin (Hb) number and concentration in the blood and VO2max was analysed by Ekblom et al (1972 and 1976). In both studies, a positive correlation between the two variables was found; an increase in Hb concentration was matched by an increase in VO2max and therefore aerobic performance. As a result, athletes have taken great interest and have gone to great efforts to improve the number and concentration of Hb in their blood. Oxygen delivery and consumption are essential for aerobic performance and these facets can be improved in several ways. Oxygen consumption is improved by increasing the number of cellular mitochondria, which is done via training. Oxygen delivery comprises of blood flow and the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Like oxygen consumption, blood flow too can be improved with training; however oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is manipulated differently. Oxygen carrying capacity or blood oxygen content are essentially the…
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