The Effect Of Conflict: The Conflict Of Kashmir, And Kashmir

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Conflict Jammu and Kashmir is being contested by India and Pakistan as their integral part since 1947. The conflict of Kashmir started at the time of the partition of the subcontinent into two countries, India and Pakistan in 1947. It was decided that the Muslim majority states will accede to Pakistan and the Hindu majority states will go to India. Jammu and Kashmir despite being a Muslim majority state had to accede to India by the virtue of instrument of accession signed between the Maharaja and Lord Mount Batten, the then Governor General of India (Schofield, 2010).The problem of Jammu and Kashmir could have only been solved through a plebiscite which the then Prime minister of India promised to the people of Kashmir and was also upheld…show more content…
Effect of Conflict: In Kashmir the conflict caused damage of a huge magnitude in terms of loss of human lives, destruction of infrastructure, detention of civilians, gendered violence in the form of rape and sexual harassment, torture and extra judicial executions. All the institutions were disrupted which had a direct impact on people. According to MSF there is hardly any family in Kashmir that has not been affected by the conflict (Jarundi, 2002). Almost all the people have suffered in such a way which is beyond the endurance of common people (Amin & Khan, 2009).The direct impact caused by the conflict is just the ‘tip of an iceberg’. The conflict comes with lot of other consequences as well which are not well documented very often (Murthy & Lakshminarayana, 2006). Besides the direct impact there is an indirect psychological impact which has been to some extent documented like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Traumatic events which one witnesses during the conflict can have a profound and lasting impression on the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physiological functioning of an individual. Conflict literally challenges ones survival, development, health and overall
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