The Effect Of Corporate Governance Practices On Firm Performance

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qualitative methods. According to Saunders et al (2007), qualitative research method is time consuming, because it collects the data through interviewing and observation. Tashakkori and Creswell (2007) argued that conducting the research is useful within positivist paradigm if the investigation is required from in depth observation within the inductive reasoning and phenomenological paradigm framework. However, as the investigation can be possible through in depth observation, the participants may not be large due to the time and resource constraint. In this regard, Tewksbury (2009) suggests to collect the data with the use quantitative research method which can include a large participants and generalize the results subsequently.
In order to carry out the research on the examination of the effect of corporate governance practices on firm performance in Saudi Arabia, compared to qualitative method, quantitative research technique has been used due to some predictive advantages. As per Saunders et al (2007), predictive nature of research can be enhanced through quantitative method, because it is more scientific than that of qualitative approach which allows the summarization of the results. And quantitative method allows collecting data from a large number of respondents; for example, 30 large listed companies are selected from Saudi Stock Exchange for this research. Thirdly, quantitative approach enhances effectiveness and efficiency in the process of data collection,
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