The Effect Of Creativity On The Classroom

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The following section of this paper will be a critical discussion about the materials Elliott discussed in the chapter. Overall I really enjoyed Elliott’s arguments about creativity, I found it very easy to read and helped open my eyes on the use of creativity in the classroom. The creative philosophy that Elliott outlines in this chapter was incredibly helpful. I have always thought of the creative aspect in a classroom as being a compositional project, or improvisation and Elliott’s disapproval of that thought process has cleared some questions I had. There are so many possibilities to involve creativity in the classroom now, such as with performance, composition, improvisation, listening assignments and more. I am very excited to get out there and try some new lessons out for myself. Furthermore, the curriculum tends to feel too broad yet too limited at the exact same time when it comes to creativity. There are four components in the curriculum and they often seem very segregated. Even in some of our classes it has always been, “write a lesson plan for one of the wings”. I really like this idea of Elliott’s to always involve creativity because then it combines the wings. Creativity can take place alongside performance, historical context or critical evaluation. It is our job as teachers to stop segregating these wings so that everything is not so blocked off. Taking a step back, what would have been great in this chapter is if Elliott went into further detail of how to
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