The Effect Of Decaying Morality On Society

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The Effect of Decaying Morality on Society
The ability to distinguish between actions that are right or wrong, is an innate characteristic designed into every person. There are many scientific theories that attempt to explain how individuals acquire morality. Psychologist say that morality is a learned behavior, and others contribute human morality to a view of fairness, or unfairness. My point is, I believe that morality is declining in our society, and its decline has a negative effect on society. Does the passing of time change morality or will society change with the passing of time? We can seek the answer to that question by exploring different aspects of our society to determine if a decline of morality has any negative effect on our society. Specifically, does the decline of morality have an effect on crime rates, laws, and the decline of a nation?
To begin with, there are several studies that indicate crime rates have actually decreased since 1993. Main stream psychologist and sociologists declare that morality is not declining and use recent crime statistics to make their point. I disagree with this assertion primarily because statistics can be manipulated and conclusions can be drawn to show a correlation in the direction of any argument. Let’s look at one aspect of crime, murder and non-negligent manslaughter. According to the Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics Database of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter, “In
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